Grenora Services Price List:

Public Works


Utility Rates:
Water:  $27.00 for 2500 gals, $4.00 per 1,000 over
Garbage:  $25.00
Sewer:  $20.00
Monthly Minimum: $72.00

Utility Fees:
Utilities Deposit:  $150.00
 Residential New Meter Fee: $300.00
Commercial New Meter Fee: Based on Size
Turn On/Off Fee:  $30.00
Non-Payment On/Off fee: $50-1st Offense, $150-2nd Offense, $150 + $500 Deposit for 3rd offense.
*Non-Payment On/Off will be the following business day*

Water Fill Station Rates:
$0.60/Barrel for Industrial
$0.30/Barrel for Ag Use
*To setup a charge account, please call City Hall @ 701-694-3391*

Other Service Rates:
Acid Root Treatment (You administer): $75.00 per treatment

Mowing Lot Fee:  $150.00/Hour (1 hour Minimum)

Community Center Rental Rate:  $20.00/Day

RV Rates for Campground:  TBD

All other Permit and City Fees are found under the Permit & Application Page HERE.

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